Find out about our expertise in implementing Oracle products in particular Oracle Financials.

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We have experience of implementing and upgrading various versions of the Oracle Financials suite of applications on several platforms and versions of the Oracle Database.

Our consultants can assist with all stages of your implementation or upgrade project from performing the business process review and improvement stage to configuring Oracle Financials applications and providing bespoke reporting and interface solutions as required.

Our key consultant is a qualified accountant with over six years of experience working for two of the big five consulting firms as an accountant and management consultant. He has spent the last 5 years specialising in the deployment of Oracle Financials products.

Oracle Financials

We have provided consultants to assist with the implementation of the following versions of Oracle Financials:

  1. Oracle Financials 10.6 Character
  2. Oracle Financials 10.7 Character
  3. Oracle Financials 10.7 Smart Client
  4. Oracle Financials 11.0.3
  5. Oracle Financials 11.5.3i

Our involvement has included the configuration of the following modules in most of the versions mentioned above:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Accounts Payables
  3. Accounts Receivables
  4. Cash management
  5. Purchase Ordering
  6. Fixed Assets
  7. OPSF (Oracle Public Sector Financials)

In addition we have consultants who have received training from Oracle in the following modules:

  1. Inventory
  2. Order Entry

We have also provided project management on several implementations and upgrades and have taken an active part in the business process review and redesign phases, including the complete redesign of the chart of accounts to enable more versatile hierarchical structures to be developed.

Find out more about the specific work we performed by downloading our primary consultant's CV below.

Database Versions

We have worked with the following Oracle database versions:

  1. 7.3.4
  2. 8.1.7i

The advent of Oracle 8i has brought with it some significant advances in technology such as embedded Java and native dynamic SQL which allow much more flexibility in the design and development of bespoke solutions.

We have experience of applying these new technologies as part of the Oracle Financials upgrade of a large UK based energy company. This involved the migration of several single organisation instances of Oracle Financials 10.7 character and smart client on a 7.3.4 database to a single multi-organisation instance of Oracle Financials 11i on an 8i database. This upgrade allowed us to apply the advances in Oracle technology to improve system performance.

We are currently researching the new 9i version which has been improved to support today's internet enabled business models.


We have significant experience of the Oracle Developer tools including Reports 2.5, Reports 6i, Forms 4.5, Forms 6i, and designer. These tools have been used to develop bespoke reporting, interface and applications solutions to meet the needs of various businesses operating in very diverse sectors from the public services to high tech telecommunications companies.

We have used these tools develop bespoke reports and forms in order to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We have also used these tools to modify existing standard Oracle Financials reports and forms in order to ensure congruence between our clients business model and the capabilities of the software.


Our consultants also have experience of developing interface routines for importing data from various sources, including legacy systems and other Oracle databases, into Oracle's open interface tables.

In order to achieve this we have designed solutions incorporating SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader scripts, PL/SQL triggers functions and procedures, UNIX shell scripting and Java procedures.

In addition we have provided other solutions through the development of bespoke Visual Basic applications.


Download our primary consultant's CV here in either word or pdf formats:

: Word Version of CV or PDF Version of CV